Motorola G4 plus features

Hello , today I will show you the features on Moto G4 Plus.

1. Device Help
In this app you can easily test your device and fix it , there are several hardware test,you can get your device information,can know the CPU usage,ROM,and RAM.

2. Now on tap
This option is very useful, it asks google to show you info related to what’s on your screen when you hold the Home button or search by voice.

3. Moto app by motorola
Here you get 2 options , Actions and Display.In actions you can get the gestures on your phone and can enable it. And in display you can block apps to show notification conent.

4. System UI Tuner
You can get it by scrolling down the notification bar and then by holding the settings icon there for 5 seconds. In this you can modify the quick settings,status bar etc.

5. Memory
The memory option in settings you see the memory usage of your phone in last couple of hours.

Video Tutorial


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How To Use Dubsmash On Any Phone

First of all install a sharing app just like shareit, xender, zapya etc.

Then bring a phone which supports Dubsmash and share that from any of the sharing app but what do I prefer is Xender..

Then just Install it…

Screenshot of my phone..

1.See What Playstore Says


2. App in my phone



And if isn’t working then goto settings→application manager→select Dubsmash→Force stop it …

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Hack Android phones with one text

We r here to discuss an important thing ….
Over 1 billion android phones can be hacked with a text …. a virus called Stagefright can hack your phone and take all of your data and files…. so don’t give any stranger or unknown your mobile no. ..
A hacker only needs your mobile no. to hack ur phone ..

Be careful….

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Add as much as members u want [Hack whatsapp]

Credits : # Aditya Verma

#Whatsapp #hack…….
1.First of all u need to be #rooted .
2.Then install #es explorer from play store.
3.Then open es explorer and give permission as option– tools — root..
Then go to option– tools–root again and click r-w mount ; And give permissions to r-w as write/read.
4.Then goto folder root/data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prfs/com.whatsapp prefer.xml….
5.Der u will find com.whatsapp prefer.xml  open it and edit it in any editor or choose es editor to edit
6.Then that xml wil be open and thn search for :participants_size_limit” value=”100″ />” and thn chng it to your choice .
7.Then forse stop whatsapp by going to apps- whatsapp- about – click on force stop ..
8.Then check participation limit …

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